New Users

Cleanroom training for new users is offered on a monthly basis and consists of four parts: An initial walkthrough, chemical safety training, a take-home exam, and a final walkthrough with verbal exam. To gain access to the University Cleanroom follow the steps below.

  1. Obtain written approval and a valid COA number from your advisor
  2. Complete the mandatory EHS trainings. Save certificates of completion for later.
  3. Visit the Yale Facility Online Manager to register for an account
    • If your advisor is not listed contact a staff member, but continue with registration
    • When entering your prox card number ignore the letter and leading zeros
      e.g. Y-01701 would be entered as 1701
    • Once registered, navigate to Yale SEAS Cleanroom, then to Becton Cleanroom.
    • A User Agreement will open. Click on Facility Agreement and the Cleanroom Handbook will open in a new tab. Read this handbook to gain necessary information about the cleanroom. You will be tested on the material multiple times.
    • Enroll in training for Cleanroom Class For New User (standalone) and Cleanroom Class For New User (1, 2, 3, Exam)
  4. Once enrolled, email Kelly Woods to schedule an orientation walkthrough, and you will be contacted once the next class has been scheduled.