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To see if an equipment training guide is available online check that instrument’s profile in the Equipment section.

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LayoutEditor - A comprehensive CAD package for mask layouts. A site license is provided by Yale.

KLayout - A free, open source CAD package for mask layouts.

CompleteEASE - Software from J.A. Woollam for use with the M2000 Ellipsometer. A workstation with this software is available inside the cleanroom.

Yale Seminar Series - How to Build a New Cleanroom Facility

On Feb. 7, 2023, the Yale University Cleanroom hosted “How to Build a New Cleanroom Facility,” a one-day seminar at the Greenberg Conference Center. 

This conference was sponsored by the Yale Office of the Provost, together with 15 vendors (including: Raith, Elionix, Suss, Heidelberg, Tystar, Angstrom Engineering, Lesker, Buhler, Canon, ASML, ReynoldsTech, Ebara, Oxford, Samco, GenISys). We are also grateful to the administrative support provided by the Applied Physics department.

This conference was in alignment with Yale’s long-term goal in building the Physical Science and Engineering Building (PSEB) on Science Hill. Yale University Core Director Ben Myers kicked started the event and Associate Provost Christopher Incarvito gave an opening talk on the PSEB project. For this event, we invited a total of 7 guest speakers to share their knowledge and experience on building a new cleanroom facility:

  1. Alex Liddle - NIST, MD
  2. John Nibarger - NIST, CO
  3. Dennis Grimard - MIT.nano
  4. Jorg Scholvin - MIT.nano
  5. Matthew Moneck - CMU
  6. Jiangdong Deng - Harvard
  7. Iulian Codreanu - UDel

All talks have been recorded and made available online here