Cleanroom Re-opening Steps (UPDATED: 06/01/20)

May 28, 2020

Pending permission from the Provost Office/EHS, the Cleanroom plans to reopen sometime in the first half of June. Before users can come to work in the cleanroom, they have to go through the following steps to get prepared:

  1. For access, users and their PIs should review the Phase I Research Reactivation instructions.
  2. PIs have to register their users for research exception in the EHS Integrator.
  3. Users should go through the EHS reactivation training and obtain the training credit.
  4. Users should also review the Phase I Cleanroom Reopening Proposal
  5. Users should sign up the new Cleanroom Slack channel for communications on health status.
  6. Users should obtain their 50 face masks and hand sanitizer/wipes from EHS (link).