Innovators and educators: At Yale, cleanroom staff make research possible

May 15, 2023
Inside the Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center on Prospect Street, in a fifth-floor space known as the university cleanroom, researchers from across Yale build small devices like qubits and microchips, circuits to manipulate or detect light, and microfluidics that hold tiny amounts of liquid for biological sequencing. Inside this facility, an array of advanced machines enables each step of the process, from design and fabrication to replication and testing.
But perhaps what is not found in the lab is as important as what is.  It’s critical that the cleanroom be kept free of particles that might otherwise compromise the field-leading research being done here.
And it’s up to the cleanroom staff, a small team of technical and scientific experts, to make sure the facility remains clean, safe, and functional — and to enable researchers to turn their ideas into reality.
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