Cleanroom Policies and Rates

Access and Use Policies

A detailed list of policies is included in the Cleanroom User Handbook.

New Chemicals
Any user wishing to introduce chemicals to the cleanroom must first present an SDS to a staff member for evaluation, and display an active knowledge of the chemical hazards. Approved chemicals may be brought into the cleanroom by staff members only.
Visitor Access
Anyone not qualified to enter the cleanroom is considered a visitor. Upon the approval of cleanroom staff, a qualified cleanroom user may act as a host to bring a visitor in for the purpose of observation only.
After Hours
The cleanroom operates Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. All other times are considered after hours, and require access restricted to users with over thirty hours of cleanroom time logged.
External Customers
An external customer is any non-Yale researcher, who has obtained the approval of the School of Engineering & Applied Science Business Office.
Undergraduate access is granted on a case by case basis, and is restricted to senior year students who are at least 20 years of age.
Instances of user misconduct are evaluated and dealt with on a case by case basis. Consequences range from a warning and notice delivered to your PI, to permanent suspension of cleanroom access.
Precious Metals
Purchase of precious metals (e.g. gold, platinum and palladium) is the responsibility of the research group, it is not supplied by the cleanroom.
Soft cap policy
Starting FY24, the Cleanroom policy has been updated. Groups will receive an 80% discount once the group usage fee exceeds $50,000 for the Cleanroom and $20,000 for YINQE. These caps are separate, and the discounts are applied individually for each facility. The usage fee calculation will reset at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Starting FY24:

  • Only group soft caps will apply.
  • Cleanroom group cap: $50,000.
  • YINQE group cap: $20,000.
  • An 80% discount will be applied above each cap.
  • The usage fee calculation resets at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Before FY24:

  • Individual cap: $10,000.
  • Group cap: $100,000.
  • Joint YINQE/Cleanroom discount applied.
  • An 80% discount was applied above the cap.
  • The usage fee was calculated from the first use.
User Fees and Equipment Rates
Operating expenses for the cleanroom are recovered through the combination of hourly charges to the user community and subsidies from Yale University. All access is tracked through the Facility Online Manager (FOM) (Requires Yale network access).
Main Cleanroom Access Fee $58 / hour
Teaching Cleanroom Access Fee $58 / hour
Staff Service Fee $75 / hour
Oxford 80+ ICP RIE $64 / hour
Oxford 100 ICP-RIE $64 / hour
Oxford Cryo Bosch DRIE $64 / hour
Simple PhotoMask $275 / order
Complex PhotoMask $400 / order